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Emotional Freedom Technique in Johnson City, TN

Emotional Freedom Technique in Johnson City, TN

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an alternative to traditional acupuncture. Helpful for those squeamish of needles or those who want the health benefit of acupuncture at home; EFT is a growing holistic treatment option. Emotional freedom technique is based off of acupressure , pressing strategic locations of the body to unblock emotional restrictions that have manifested physically.

How Does Emotional Freedom Technique Work?

The emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a form of psychological acupressure. Instead of the needles used in traditional acupuncture, EFT uses tapping. It’s been found that a simple repetitive tap by the fingers to specific areas on the head or body can transfer kinetic energy into the body, generating nearly the same effect as acupuncture.

Many shy away from acupuncture because of its use of needles. Others find weekly-or even more frequent-acupuncture appointments tedious and expensive for long-term treatment. The emotional freedom technique can be performed anywhere, with your own hands.

Another key part of EFT is voicing positive affirmations while performing the procedure. While undergoing or performing EFT, verbally releasing tension helps to clear the emotional block(s) which may be responsible for your symptoms.

Using EFT

The tapping in the emotional freedom technique should be firm, but not too hard. Many use only the pointer-finger and middle-finger, while some people prefer to use all their fingers. Tapping should occur in the length of time needed to take one full breath (about 5-8 taps).

Points on the body:

Top of the head: With the fingers on both hands in alignment (nails touching), tap down the center of your skull.

Eyebrow: Tap the inner most point of your eyebrows (directly above the inner corner of your eye for those with unibrows).

Side of the eye: Follow your cheekbone upward to the outside corner of your eye, tap this area.

Under the eye: Tap the curved bone (eye socket) below your eyes.

Under the nose: Between your top lip and your nose, tap the area.

Chin: Tap your chin, not at its most prominent point, but midway between this point and your lower lip.

Collar bone: The two points on your upper chest where you can feel hard bone are the areas where you should tap.

Under the arm: Tap the spot about 4 inches below the armpit.

Wrist: Tap the inside of both wrists.

It’s important to note that either side of the body can be used, both if you prefer, you can even alternate between sides; the effect will be the same.

For the affirmation portion of the exercise, two common phrases are used:

Even though I have this (your condition or illness), I deeply and completely accept myself.
Even though I have this________, I deeply and completely love myself.

While these phrases may sound silly out of context, they act to foster acceptance of your situation and self-acceptance. Many eastern and western medical professionals agree that the mind controls the body, it’s why we have what are called psychosomatic conditions (physical manifestations of mental issues). Repeating affirmations, mantras and simple phrases has been used for centuries, and is currently used in various forms of therapy.

If you’ve been stressed, in pain, or under the weather, utilizing the emotional freedom technique may be the answer-albeit an unusual one by western standards.

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