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Naturopathic Doctor in Malibu, CA

Naturopathic Doctor Malibu, CA

Naturopathic physicians—just like regular doctors—work in hospitals, clinics and private practices as primary care physicians. In addition to receiving traditional medical training, they receive specialized training in complementary and alternative medicine. They study holistic approaches to healthcare, focused on wellness, disease prevention and treating the whole person, not solely the symptoms. They eschew the use of chemicals or drugs which can be toxic to the human body and favor using nutrition, exercise, homeopathic remedies, supplements and herbs to harness the body’s natural healing abilities.

To schedule a consultation with a naturopathic doctor in Malibu who specializes in naturopathic medicine treatments, call (213) 814-0504 or contact Novus Anti-Aging Center online.

What Does a Naturopathic Doctor Do?

A naturopathic doctor—known as an ND, not MD—can do everything a normal MD can do. They can take your medical history, refer you to specialists as needed and perform physical exams, testing and minor surgeries. They can prescribe drugs, but they prefer to employ natural healing agents and do not prescribe conventional medication unless absolutely necessary. 

NDs seek to use holistic, preventative and comprehensive healing strategies. They spend considerable time exploring your physical, emotional and spiritual health in order to form a treatment plan with truly encompasses your unique health needs. 

At the core of their philosophy, naturopathic doctors focus on practicing the following six principles of naturopathic medicine:

  1. First, Do No Harm: NDs work tirelessly to use the most natural, low-risk treatments which are safe and do not suppress your symptoms.
  2. Identify and Treat the Causes: NDs know that just treating the symptoms of a disease just masks a larger issue at play and that by treating the root cause, you can find a more permanent solution to even the most difficult conditions.
  3. Treat the Whole Person: NDs address your physical, emotional and spiritual health.
  4. The Healing Power of Nature: NDs understand your body was designed for self-healing and use treatments which harness this power.
  5. The Doctor as Teacher: NDs use education as a powerful tool to teach you how to live a healthy life long-term.
  6. Prevention: NDs assess your risk factors for chronic disease and help you take proactive steps to optimize your current health to prevent future disease.

What To Expect From Your First Visit with a Naturopathic Physician

In your first appointment, your naturopathic physician will conduct a thorough physical exam, may recommend certain diagnostic tests and will take an extremely detailed history from you regarding your health problems, medical history, diet, stress levels, lifestyle, etc. to look for patterns in your health and isolate the causes not the symptoms.

Normal visits last 30-60 minutes, but your first appointment may take up to two hours. Your ND will develop a healthcare strategy that works best for you. Your individualized treatment plan may include naturopathic treatments and other therapies including:

  • Dietary supplements
  • Homeopathic medicine
  • Botanical medicine
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Chiropractic care
  • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Biofeedback therapy
  • Mediation
  • Yoga
  • IV therapy

These treatments may be conducted in the naturopathic clinic, or your physician may refer you to a specialist in that treatment modality. 

If you have chronic health issues conventional medicine has not been able to resolve successfully, a naturopathic doctor may provide surprising breakthroughs in your health struggle. Request more information about incorporating naturopathic treatment into your healthcare today. Call (213) 814-0504 or contact Novus Anti-Aging Center online.

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