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Iridology in Paramus, NJ

Iridology Paramus, NJ

The eyes have often been regarded as "windows to the soul." According to the field of iridology, this idiom may have just as much literal accuracy as it does figurative merit. Specifically, iridologists study the science of the iris (the part of the eye which controls the diameter and size of the pupil in order to regulate the amount of light reaching the iris and thus facilitating sight). Iridologists believe that analysis of the iris's structure and pigmentation can help uncover information about physiological conditions and potential health risks, as well as certain personality traits, of its patients. Iridologists believe in treating individual patients holistically as opposed to focusing on treating individual symptoms. Suggested benefits of iridology include:

  • Increased overall health awareness, including an increased familiarity of the body’s overall chemistry
  • Increased understanding of how organs interact
  • Increased knowledge of which organs are under- or overactive
  • Increased knowledge of conditions of the nervous, digestive, elimination, lymphatic and structural systems of the body

Are you interested in finding out whether the "window to your soul" could possibly hold the secret to what's ailing you? Schedule a consultation with a healthcare provider in Paramus that specializes in iridology, call (201) 806-6099 or contact Dr. M.T. Shahab online.

What is Iridology?

So what is iridology exactly? Iridology traces its roots to a 19th century Hungarian physician named Ignaz von Peczely, who imagined a diagnostic tool after noting similarities between the eyes of a man he was treating and an owl he kept, both of whom had broken legs. Dr. Bernard Jenson later developed the iridology diagnostic chart on which iridology bases its analyses.

Iridology has since developed into an alternative medicine system of practice. Proponents to iridology believe their practices have the potential to:

  • Spot inflammation where present
  • Reveal areas in the body where acidity has or can accumulate
  • Identify body activity levels, including parts of your body that are either over- or underactive
  • Identify health problems occurring in the body

How exactly do iridologists achieve these ends? Iridologists typically make use of such equipment as flashlights, magnifying glasses, cameras or slit-lamp microscopes in order to examine patients' irises for tissue changes, pigmentation patterns as well as irregular architecture of the iris's stroma, the upper layer of the iris. These markings and patterns are typically recorded against an iridology chart. This chart is comprised of different iridology zones in which different parts of the eyes are associated with different body parts as well as health conditions affecting them. The below image demonstrates what a typical iridology chart looks like.

Iridology Chart in Paramus, NJ

Iridology offers patients a safe, non-invasive diagnostic technique for identifying potential health problems that may have arisen or are forthcoming. The field of iridology is unregulated and therefore researching your potential iridologist carefully, or discussing iridology's value to you as a patient, is important before committing to an iridology treatment plan. To schedule a consultation with a healthcare provider in Paramus that can discuss iridology with you, call (201) 806-6099 or contact Dr. M.T. Shahab online.

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