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Wellness Clinic in Totowa, NJ

Wellness Clinic Totowa, NJ

What is a Wellness Clinic?

A wellness clinic is a vital part of any medical practice that is devoted to healthy living and prevention of illness and disease. Wellness clinics can be run by physicians who practice different types of medicine. Some clinics offer traditional forms of medicine and healing, as well as holistic health approaches. The goal of a wellness clinic is to promote the health and well-being of patients and allow them to be more productive, safe and health-conscious.

The services a wellness clinic offers are designed to promote better health through physical, psychological or spiritual therapies. Patients may be able to choose from nutrition counseling, fitness classes, mental health guidance, physical treatments or medical services. Larger medical wellness clinics are part of larger corporations or provide their own services to several businesses for a cost. Physician-run wellness clinics offer a full range of clinical services for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the joints, bones and muscles of patients of all ages.

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Totowa Wellness Clinic Services and Therapies

Wellness clinics are dedicated to providing education and guidance to empower patients to adopt healthy lifestyles. Community education programs are often offered as part of a clinic's outreach services. Some of the ways wellness clinics promote health are through fitness, assessing dietary needs, providing physiological aid and other more direct medical treatments. Patients can speak to a physician directly for diagnosis of a specific problem, or they can arrange for treatment such as a massage from a qualified and trained physical therapist.

A variety of services are available to accommodate a client's desire to develop his or her own path to better health. The services and therapies that may be offered at a wellness clinic include:

Why Choose a Wellness Clinic?

As a person assesses his or her physical traits to improve certain characteristics, it makes sense to look at the cause of his or her current condition. Stress , fatigue , depression , insomnia and poor nutrition can negatively affect our bodies, but it's never too late to improve health and overall wellness.

The staff at many wellness clinics start each patient off with a wellness assessment to explore the patient's medical and family history, current medications and supplements, diet, stress levels and overall lifestyle. A consultation may also include recommendations for nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies. Wellness clinics also help patients develop an ideal regimen of diet and exercise.

To request more information, please contact our Totowa wellness clinic today! Call (973) 777-3711 or contact Dr. Maged Boutros online.

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