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Holistic Stress Management in Morristown, TN

Holistic Stress Management in Morristown, TN

Stress is a part of daily life. The morning commute, fears, worries, pressures, the different sources are endless, but the way to manage and control your stress are numerous too. 

What is Stress?

Stress can be broken down into two parts, the stressor and your reaction to that stressor. When stressed, the body goes into a mode you've probably heard of, fight-or-flight. Now, only under severe stressors to you actually fight or flee (let's hope), but everyday stressors, bills, finding time, going to the infuriating DMV, all these can elicit the same response, but on a chemical level. This chemical response over long periods of time can take a toll on your mental and physical health.

I can't stop my stressors, what can I do?

Stress management is the answer. If you can't control your stressor, you can take steps to control the way your body responds to stress and help eliminate harmful long term effects. The holistic school of thought takes a three-pronged approach, focusing on physical stress, emotional and mental stress, and spiritual stress.

In physical stress, the aim is to eliminate toxins by eating healthy or participating in a cleanse, getting adequate amounts of sleep and exercising.

  • Acupuncture is a commonly used technique to reduce stress by increasing blood flow and tapping into the body's intrinsic pain reduction systems.
  • Laughter—at least in this case—is the best medicine… or somewhere toward the top of the list. Laughter releases endorphins which have been shown to help counter the effects of chronic stress. Some holistic health care providers have even set up laugh classes where patients simply laugh out loud. Watching a stand-up set might help as well, provided they're any good.
  • Meditation can be a useful tool in blocking out the world if only for a few minutes, removing yourself from a stressful situation without actually removing yourself.
  • Massage therapy can help remove the built-up tension we carry from routine exposure to stressors.
  • Yoga is a great way to combine muscle relaxation, exercise, and meditation with controlled breathing, poses, and relaxation, you might find that yoga helps improve your mood considerably.
  • Biofeedback is a technique which uses measurements of activity from different parts of the body to help patients manage and treat their own medical conditions.
  • Psychotherapy literally means "mind treatment." As it implies, psychotherapy is the blanket term given to therapy designed to help a patient overcome one or more mental health problems. 
  • Counseling aims to help guide you out of life's many problems, providing you a safe environment to discuss stress in your life as well as healthy ways to cope. 

Emotional & Mental Health

Emotional/mental health is the next area on which the holistic model concentrates its focus. Mental health includes subconscious worries, irrational beliefs and addressing past wrong doings. The holistic model and traditional model are both adamant that emotional and mental health can contribute a great deal to your levels of chronic stress.

The solution is to change your perspective and try to view these nagging negatives as positives or at least neutral. This won't be an overnight solution, but the benefits gained from reframing your perspective and attitude can be enormous.

Spiritual stress is the last area holistic practitioners cite as a source of stress, it's also perhaps the most contested. Dealing with the interpretation of dreams and intuition, the guidance can be quite subjective, but so too was Freud's psychoanalytic therapy and interpolation of dreams.

That said the goal of this last area is to interpret what your body and mind are saying deep down. Techniques like forgiveness and universal self-acceptance are practiced to help relieve long held irrational beliefs that may intern be causing stress.

If traditional stress management techniques haven't worked for you, the holistic model may be your answer to help cope, manage, and even eliminate the stress in your life.

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