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Holistic Digestive Health Specialists in New Castle, NH

The Importance of Good Digestive Health

Holistic Digestive Health Specialist in New Castle, NH

For the naturopath and the holistic, alternative, and integrative models of medicine, the stomach reigns supreme. Diet and nutrition can be traced back as the root of many health issues. Digestive health is often the first step to a healthy you.

Believe it or not, your digestive system is technically the outside of your body a lot like your skin. In essence, we resemble an elongated doughnut with arms and legs-the center hole being our digestive system. It's this center hole where we absorb the nutrients necessary for our continued survival. If something is wrong with our digestive system, then our ability to take in nutrients is inhibited resulting in any number of issues, mild to severe.

That said, merely treating the symptoms of an issue facing this important system wouldn't make much sense, this is why the holistic model aims to find the core cause of illnesses; taking the entire body and environment into account. Some traditional medications may actually inhibit the absorption of essential vitamins. To get around this, naturopaths make use of naturally available treatment options and supplements.

Holistic Treatment for Digestive Problems

Some natural herbs to aid in digestion include:

  • Chia Seeds; given to initiate regular bowel movements
  • Oat Bran; cleans the digestive system
  • Mullein Leaf; commonly called 'cowboy toilet paper' may help with constipation, diarrhea, and a few other issues
  • Barberry root; a natural laxative
  • Artichoke; aids in bile flow, a key part of digestion
  • Lemon Balm; this mild sedative may help with stress constipation
  • Tumeric Root; quells digestive inflammation
  • Triphala; an Ayurvedic treatment for diarrhea, constipation and for promoting overall digestive health

Despite these treatments, the holistic model of health care emphasizes prevention more; a balanced diet being of great importance. With a balanced diet in the first place, many of the herbal remedies above won't even be needed. By balancing your carbohydrate, protein and anti-oxidant intake, among other things, it's said that you can control and potentially stave off illnesses including:

Start Healing Your Gut Today!

If you've been saddled with on-going digestive issues, having limited success with traditional methods of treatment, or simply want something natural, holistic treatments may be your answer. As eager as you may be to try some of these natural remedies, always consult with an experience holistic healthcare practitioner before trying any natural remedy as adverse drug reactions or allergies could result.

Request more information about Holistic Digestive Health today. Call (207) 536-9661 or contact Dr. Nicole Schertell online.

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