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Holistic Grief Support Groups in Sunny Isles Beach - North Miami Beach, FL

Holistic Grief Support in Sunny Isles Beach - North Miami Beach, FL

After a painful loss or death it's normal to be consumed with a flood of emotions. Our thinking can become foggy, our ambition dulled, our sleep non-existent. This state is known as grief, but what we need to do is mourn. Mourning is the physical and emotional act of purging grief from our system, and the holistic school of thought has a few tips on how to do it.

The holistic model takes the entire body into consideration when treating a patient. As such, you end up treating the causes—of the causes—of your illness, a once removed approach that aims to find the root of what causes your symptoms.

The Holistic Approach to Grief Support

The first step is to give yourself time. It's said that in many cases we just continue on as if nothing happened, embarrassed to show any emotion or project our vulnerability to the world.  This makes sense, we've been hurt, and the last thing you want is to be hurt again for being vulnerable. However, this “head-in-the-sand” approach can lead to lasting issues. The suppression of grief can come out in unusual ways, both mental and physical. By allocating time to ourselves we can find a safe environment to be vulnerable and grieve.

The next step may sound odd, but in the holistic school of thought, diet is important. Our diets can contribute to a lot of our health issues. However, many people never look at what diet can do to our emotions. Caffeine can leave you anxious and agitated. Alcohol can drag you further down the slippery slope of depression and on your way to alcohol dependence. Sodium, sugar and MSG can increase hormone imbalance. By eating foods that increase energy and avoid a depressant effect, we can weather the storm of grief more easily—grieving is hard enough as it is.

Sleep is another essential element of the holistic method for mourning. Our bodies and minds are going through a chemical filled reaction when faced with grief, as such we feel exhausted. Sleep can help you regain some energy and provide a sense of escape. If you can't sleep, meditate, try yoga, or go for a walk; anything to find time to let your mind and body catch up.

Express your feelings. While this may be the most difficult step, but it's one of the most important. Get those feelings out, don't keep them bottled up. Like we said earlier, stress and grief can cause adverse effects when ignored. By sharing our feelings with a trusted friend, family member or therapist we can begin the healing process. You don't hold onto something that burns you, why would you cling to grief that can cause as much pain, but emotionally?

If you find yourself faced with an amount of grief that inhibits your daily life, or your grief lasts for 6-months or more seek professional mental health care.

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