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Mind-Body Medicine in Van Nuys, CA

Mind-Body Medicine in Van Nuys, CA

Mind-body medicine takes advantage of the profound effect the brain has on the body. The mind not only controls our emotions, thoughts, feelings and personality, but also every organ system. Through the aid of meditation, guided imagery, mindful eating as well as emotional expression through drawings, journals and movement, mind-body medicine aims to relieve symptoms starting with the mind. 

How Does Mind-Body Medicine Work?

According to The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, “Up to 80% of all illnesses are related to chronic stress.” Stress , especially chronic stress, has been said to cause a host of health issues, even suppressing our immune system. Mind-body medicine, by lowering and preventing stress, has been shown to help with:

The beauty of mind-body medicine is that it’s a form of self-care. This means that you can practice these techniques anywhere, at any time. Instead of traditional healthcare that usually requires an appointment, once you learn these techniques, you can practice them for the rest of your life, claiming the health benefits along the way.

Who Can Use Mind-Body Medicine?

Mind-Body medicine is for anyone who has the capacity to think. It’s also a great tool for health professionals to use when taking a comprehensive, holistic , integrated , or eclectic approach to medicine. Outside of the medical community, teachers have taken to mind-body medicine as well.

In 2008 a study was conducted at a school in Kosovo, in which 82 high school students with PTSD used mind-body techniques, including:

  • Meditation: The practice of training the mind to ignore external and internal stimuli, resulting in a state of deep relaxation.
  • Guided imagery: Similar to daydreaming, but a trained professional describes sensations like sight, smell, touch, taste to guide you to and help you “paint” mental pictures.
  • Breathing techniques: Slow, deep breathing has been shown to reduce stress levels. 
  • Biofeedback: The monitoring of subconscious bodily functions such as brainwaves, heartrate, breathing, muscle activity, and skin temperature to make them known to an individual. Knowing these are occurring allows us to then control them, limiting their negative or unwanted effect on our bodies. 
  • Self-expression: With the aid of drawings, words (talking or writing), and dance like movements, stress can be relieved by expressing suppressed emotions.

It was found that every single student in the study experienced a reduction of PTSD symptoms, a reduction that even lasted 3-months after the study concluded. The minimum reduction was found to be nearly 20% while some students experienced a complete elimination of PTSD symptoms.  

For many, traditional medicine has let them down. They have been searching for an answer to reduce stress, eliminate pain, help with immune function and so on. Mind-body medicine offers a solution you can do at home. You don’t need to make an appointment, there is no need for insurance, and no medication to take. The benefit of mind-body medicine comes from you.

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